Can a Comprehensive Communication Strategy Increase Member Loyalty?

This whitepaper answers the following questions: What is the relationship between the different types of gym member communication (face-to-face, email, SMS etc.) and loyalty (as measured by Net Promoter Score®)? Which combinations of communication channels maximise loyalty in specific member groups? Can effective communication overcome the impact on loyalty of a negative club experience?

How to Write Engaging Emails

This eBook will show you how to craft great subject lines, write engaging body copy and create a compelling call to action.

Which Members Use Self-Monitoring Apps?

This whitepaper answers the following questions: What motivates app using members? What do they report progress on, and how does this compare to what they are motivated by? What is the impact of app use on membership retention?

The Effect of Average Visit Frequency on Income From Membership

This whitepaper answers the following questions: What proportion of members don’t make a club visit within their first months of membership? What impact does this have on their likeliness to remain a member in the medium to long term? Does getting your members to visit more often increase their length of membership and therefore the revenue they bring to your club?