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✓ Gain insights into member satisfaction levels via

    TRP’s sophisticated NPS software

✓ Make informed decisions to drive customer

    satisfaction and referrals 

✓ Deliver personalised messages via email and SMS 

✓ Identify those at risk of leaving the golf club

    ahead of time 

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Key Features


Deliver tailored offers to your customers based on behaviours and characteristics to maximise sales effectiveness.


Extend your club community outside your four walls and continue the conversation wherever your members are, on mobile and PC. Keep your club front of mind to encourage visits, which are shown to improve retention.


Set up your member journeys once and our intelligent, rule-triggered automated system will send your email and SMS messages for you, to the right members at the right time. Giving your staff more time on the gym floor to look after members.

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With globally recognised loyalty measure Net Promoter Score®, you can collect member feedback and gauge loyalty with just one question which takes seconds to answer.


Collect the feedback you need to confidently make key business decisions and investments to deliver the club experience your members desire.


Share comments from your brand advocates with the world via your company social media channels in just a few clicks. Empower your members to easily do the same to their followers to reach new audiences.

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Gain Actionable member feedback and gauge loyalty with Insight’s NPS software.

Conduct versatile surveys including email, SMS, online, and recurring ‘relational’ surveys triggered by member visits. Enjoy unlimited customisation options, integration with your Membership Management System, and advanced reporting features for informed decision-making.  

Share comments from your brand advocates with the world via your company social media channels in just a few clicks. Empower your members to easily do the same to their followers to reach new audiences. 

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Maximise efficiency with automated digital communications tailored to your members’ needs. Deliver personalised content seamlessly through rule-based triggers, saving time and enhancing member engagement.

Extend your club community beyond physical boundaries to increase reach and encourage visits, ultimately boosting retention. Drive additional sales by delivering targeted offers based on member behaviour.  

With our intelligent system, set up member journeys once and let automation handle the rest, freeing up staff to focus on in-club member interactions. 


Loved By Customers

BGL Golf has worked with the TRP system since 2016 and in that time, NPS has become a central customer feedback metric used on a daily basis to measure our success;  the system itself has played a pivotal role in promoting engagement with our Members and even helps in guiding investment plans.

As a company, we take great pride in delivering consistent, high levels of service, quality and value for our customers and the TRP system has provided us with a clear and efficient method of gathering real-time feedback on what we are doing well and areas where we can improve.  As result, our Members feel better heard, our staff are better recognised and our business continues to evolve, providing the very best experience possible.

We found traditional in-depth questionnaires provided too much information to act on effectively, but the beauty of the TRP system is that a small daily sample of our members provide open feedback to support their score, allowing us to easily identify the things that really matter to them and that we can therefore quickly action.

We would recommend the TRP system wholeheartedly to anyone that has a genuine desire to grow or enhance their offering through customer engagement and feedback. The system is extremely user friendly in providing a wealth of clear, transparent feedback.

It’s the first e-mail of every day for me, that’s my priority.


Guy Riggott

Chief Operating Officer

BGL Golf

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