Our Story

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In 2018, Fitronics was founded with a simple mission:

To provide effective, user-friendly software for the sport, health and fitness industry.

Who We Are

Fitronics are a software brand with a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions to increase member retention and reduce admin time for leisure-based organisations. The Fitronics brands include, TRP, CoursePro, Strive, Consult, MEA and Wam.

Where it all Started

The Fitronics brand story started with ambitious Bath University graduate, Alistair Rollins in 1999, who was passionate about transforming services across gyms. During his studies, he built an innovative algorithm which identified leisure members who were at risk of cancelling. The demand for his system developed on a national and global level with sales soaring across the sector.

In 2011, Jonas Software acquired his business to help gyms with their growth and to reduce member attrition. Today, ‘The Retention People’ (TRP) are leading researchers in health club member retention who use research to drive the development of effective retention solutions. These include digital products, retention processes and training packages that improve the member experience.

How was CoursePro Developed?

During the purchase of TRP, Jonas Software doubled their gain and acquired CoursePro from two young entrepreneurs with a passion for sports and technology, Pete Walker and Ross McCaw.

The duo worked hand-in-hand at their local leisure centre and found the traditional methods of class registration and payments time consuming, problematic and outdated.

At a time where manual re-enrolments had queues out of the door and class bookings were restricted to certain days, they developed a flexible system for teachers to use on poolside to monitor attainment, registrations, online bookings, and payments.

From idea to execution, they made their vision come to life by writing code and developing the system in the reception area at their leisure centre based in Taunton where it was tested in real-time.

CoursePro was successfully launched and was the first of its kind. It changed the way Sports Clubs managed admin, and the revolutionary tool caught the interest of operators.

In 2011, Jonas Software seized an opportunity and purchased the CoursePro software which is now used by thousands of leisure centres worldwide.

Why Fitronics?

The legal entity of TRP was known as Fitronics during the time and in 2018, the Jonas Group streamlined their new businesses and placed TRP and CoursePro services under the umbrella name, Fitronics.

Who Manages Fitronics Now?

In 2015, Daniel Haywood was appointed the first general manager of CoursePro and now works as the Managing Director overseeing the Fitronics brands.

Our Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do

Honest and Helpful

With every decision to support our team members and customers


To be kind to everyone connected to our family

Relentless and Dedicated

A passion to never stop improving, growing, and supporting ourselves


For our actions, even through bad times


With a smile during everything we do

How do we achieve our mission?

National Governing Bodies:

We are dedicated to working with National Governing Bodies to help grow sports participation across the UK, and to make their syllabus more accessible online.

Software Services:

We are committed to providing a full suite of integrated software from managing classes to measuring member satisfaction via a comprehensive NPS system, tailored automated communications, identifying members who are in risk of leaving and providing consultancy solutions to enhance club service.

Industry Research:

We are devoted to undertaking industry-led research to provide operators with data insight and opportunities for growth, to ultimately thrive as a sector.