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Optimise your business via Fitronics Education, Coaching and Consultancy Solutions.

Change behaviours with more effective coaching.

Fitronics believes that training alone doesn’t work, to change behaviours you have to educate and coach. Our Professional Services Education combine the perfect blend of digital and in person interaction to make your members raving fans of your service!

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Raising standards within your teams

The team of consultants at Fitronics run webinars on different topics that can help the industry tackle some of the main challenges we face.

Product Education
Our team are here to hold your hand as you onboard with your new software. They will help you set your system up and train your teams on how to use it, with helpful tips to get better results.

Fitronics are committed to providing the industry with two pieces of research each year. Working with Operator think tanks we will help the understand how they can become more successful at keeping people active, making people more active and driving participation in our sector.

Regional Events
Each year we will run regional events for our customers to help engage with our customer to find out how our products can be better and to provide thought provoking conversations and insights into future trends


Raising standards within your teams

Bespoke Coaching
With over 50 years industry experience the team can work with you to develop programmes and coaching to suit your needs, whether you want to get your reception team to smile or create a better experience in your gym or change the whole culture cross many sites, our team can help you.



Shining a light of your business

Need to know your average length of stay? Want to understand which members you retain and which ones you lose?

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