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Save Money on Your Card Payment Processing and Acquiring Fees

A new payment gateway brought to you by the team behind CoursePro.
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Key Features

FitronicsPay is a secure, customer-friendly payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with CoursePro to allow you to take online card payments for your courses.

No Monthly Fees

Unlike other payment gateways, after your initial setup fee all you pay is transaction charges. There is no standing monthly fee so FitronicsPay only costs you money when you are making money from using it.

Save 30% on Acquirer Fees

When you join FitronicsPay we’ll do a complimentary review of your acquirer/merchant services provider fees to see if we can save you money by switching you to a new deal. On average, we save our customers 30% on their acquirer fees, and switching to your new provider is quick, easy, and pain-free.

Future-Proof with 3D Secure 2.0

3D Secure 2.0 will be a legal requirement from 1st September 2021; will your current payment gateway be ready in time? FitronicsPay already is. Compared to 3D Secure 1.0, Visa believes the vastly improved user experience delivered by 3D Secure 2.0 will reduce cart abandonment by 70% and checkout times by 85%.


With FitronicsPay, your payment page is mobile-friendly by design, and you can even offer the option to pay by link or QR code. The better the payment experience is for your customers and the easier it is to pay you, the fewer abandoned carts.

Fantastic Customer Support

When using FitronicsPay, you’ll get access to the same fantastic customer support team you do for CoursePro. This means that we can sort any issues for you directly, simplifying things significantly and saving you time currently wasted co-ordinating third-party payment gateways and acquirers separately.


Secure and Reliable

PCI DSS Level 1 registered. 24/7/365 enterprise-level protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Built-in security settings including AVS, CV2 checks, 3D Secure 2.0, velocity check rules, and additional pre-integrated third-party fraud solutions.

Recurring Payments (Coming Soon)

We are working to enable FitronicsPay to allow your customers to set up recurring card payments to pay for their classes, for example on a monthly basis. Spreading payments like this will help with your cashflow and reduce the stress of collecting everyone’s fees all at once at the start of each term.

Ready to Implement Your Secure & Cost-Efficient Payment Gateway?