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Control your syllabus, manage consistency of delivery and provide content for your ‘learn to’ programmes.

Helping you make a greater impact through sport.

Strive allows Governing Bodies and larger operators deliver sport in a more engaging way. Our goal is to help you measure your impact across demographics and recognise trends that can help shape the future of sport.

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Strive consists of four different elements:

Scheme Portal

Housing the Knowledge

Scheme Portal will allow coaches to access the lesson and instruction scheme, alongside visual resources such as videos, images and PDF’s while delivering lessons. To help maintain the content relating to your schemes this can be updated at any point, including session planning, and lesson/instruction design. It’s your scheme and can be built your way.

Club Portal

Manage Students and Participants

Club Portal allows you to manage participants, by adding them into groups, these groups get pulled into Coach Portal from there sessions can be created and planned. It allows for management of coaches and their knowledge remit, as well as managing your reports for the individual groups.

Coach Portal

Track Progress

Coach Portal revolves around individuals, allowing coaches to assess participants against any skill across multiple classes and record attendance; this key function provides coaches the opportunity to track each pupil’s ‘learn-to’ journey, as they progress from one level to the next. The application is designed to work without a data connection and to be synchronised later.This responsive web app is designed with a mobile-first approach, allowing coaches to use the system within a facility via a tablet and enables them to access additional supporting resources, video demonstrations, images and more during lessons.

Home Portal

Easy Access

The Home Portal provides the end user access to your scheme enabling them to work through the skill levels and content. It will have the latest skill level details available for the user to access.

The progression of the individual would incorporate images and graphics increasing as they move through the competencies. A responsive web app will be provided that allows appropriate members and parents to login, to view progress, and rich media skills.

Ready to Implement Strive & Digitalise your ‘Learn To’ Programme?

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We are proud to have worked with

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Don’t just take our word for it!

“We are thrilled to announce Rise Gymnastics to the world and are extremely excited about what will be a new era for recreational gymnastics. It was essential to us that the programme was highly individualised, where each gymnast is able to learn and develop in their own way, with enjoyment at the heart of their experience. In partnership with Fitronics we have worked to create a product that ensures that parents were taken on that journey too – thanks to Rise Hub, we now have the capability to provide accessible, personalised updates on their child’s achievements and development”

Gemma Barton

Head of Participation, British Gymnastics