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Ok, we’ll admit it, we are customer experience management geeks!

Obsessed with knowing everything there is to know about the impact of member behaviour, characteristics and club experience on customer loyalty, we have worked with industry expert, researcher and Associate Professor of Sport and Health Sciences at University of Exeter Dr. Melvyn Hillsdon to produce regular reports for the industry since 2006.

Our primary motivation for this is to help you better understand your members, so all our findings can be downloaded completely free of charge for you to read and apply. We are of course very happy to share our extensive experience should you need support once you have read our research.

Which Members Use Self-Monitoring Apps?

This whitepaper answers the following questions: What motivates app using members? What do they report progress on, and how does this compare to what they are motivated by? What is the impact of app use on membership retention?

The Effectiveness of Different Types of Interaction on Membership Retention

This whitepaper answers the following questions: How do different types of face-to-face interactions with high-risk members impact retention? What makes an effective interaction? What should you do to harness the power of these findings and make member engagement more effective in your club?

The Effect of Average Visit Frequency on Income From Membership

This whitepaper answers the following questions: What proportion of members don’t make a club visit within their first months of membership? What impact does this have on their likeliness to remain a member in the medium to long term? Does getting your members to visit more often increase their length of membership and therefore the revenue they bring to your club?

What Influence Does Personal Physical Activity Tracking Have on Retention?

This whitepaper answers the following questions: Who is using fitness tracking devices and which devices are they using? Are members who track their physical activity more motivated and do they feel like they are making more progress? What influence does personal physical activity tracking have on member retention?

Does Personal Training Increase Member Retention?

This whitepaper answers the following questions: Who purchases personal training and why? What impact does personal training have on a member’s visit frequency? Does personal training affect member retention?

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