ActiveNewham Have Stopped Accepting Cash Payments at Their Leisure Centres






To improve the member experience and reduce queueing, activeNewham have replaced their traditional cash based reception desks with user-friendly kiosks, contactless payment technology and members of staff acting as club concierges.

TRP’s powerful Net Promoter Score® customer feedback software, Insight NPS®, enabled the trust to identify that waiting in line to enter their facilities was having a significant negative impact on the experience of their members and ultimately their likeliness of recommending their centres to friends and family.

“Operators such as ourselves depend on reliable member feedback mechanisms to intelligently inform strategic business decisions. We are seeing some real tangible outcomes of asking for, analysing and acting upon customer feedback using TRP’s system. An investment of over £400,000, the decision to go cashless was very financially significant for the trust. Without the hard evidence from Insight NPS that it was the right move we wouldn’t have been able to confidently make the changes.” (Keiron Butcher, IT and Communications Director)

The Leisure Trust, who has 5 sites across the London Borough of Newham, worked with Gladstone (a sister company of TRP) to implement the new kiosk based system.

“Gladstone worked closely with us to add custom functionality to their Plus2 system, which enabled the ‘Transport for London Oyster Card style’ system we desired. Members can now check-in to our facilities, book and pay for activities and top-up their account quickly and easily using their membership card.” (Keiron Butcher, IT and Communications Director)

activeNewham began to see the results of the new check-in system within just a month of implementation.

“Since introducing the Kiosks, we have eliminated all queuing in our facilities and seen a 9 per cent increase in usage, which leads us to believe we are now counting the number of people using our sites more accurately. We have also seen an 8 per cent increase in casual income since bringing in self-service.” (Keiron Butcher, IT and Communications Director)

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