Actif Carmarthenshire Video Case Study


Carl Daniels, Senior Sport & Leisure Manager

“For that customer, they really understand or feel that we know them, and we care about them.

Actif Sport and Leisure is Carmarthenshire County Council’s in-house sport and leisure service.

We first started working with Fitronics (the company behind TRP) back in 2015.

We were at the start of our journey of creating the Actif brand and really being clear about us being a customer-centric service. I was really starting to look for something that would take us on a journey of continuous improvement.”


Catrin Jones, Sales & Marketing Officer

“There are three different elements of the products that we get from Fitronics.

We’ve got the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) software, Insight, which allows us to gather customer feedback.

We also use Interact, which is software that involves interacting with customers and logging what they wish to achieve.

And then we’ve got Digital, which allows us to implement a customer journey. When a customer first joins Actif they get a welcome email from us and then we periodically set some other emails in. Having those emails going out at certain points just keeps them engaged. You can almost make it more personalised.”



“We knew that it (the TRP software) would look at our customer base and help us to interact with different customers in different ways. We knew that it would help us to transform the way in which our staff approached customer care and dealt with those customers, and particularly how the software would enable us to log those interactions and track those journeys with customers so that we could talk to them about meaningful things over a period of time.

It’s more than just the software with Fitronics. It’s the people within the company who continuously engage with you to see where you are, where you want to be, and how they can help you. And the software was a tool along that journey.”



“I would definitely recommend the TRP software to other providers. Fantastic. You know, it’s almost like an extension of our team. It just feels like you can pick up the phone to them any time. Conversations are really easy. They understand the business, they understand what you are doing, they even understand what emails you’ve got going out when.”



“Before using the TRP software our attrition rate was at around 4.3%, but since using it, and obviously we’ve made lots of changes within the business, our attrition rate is now around 2.4%. So, it’s excellent in terms of the industry norm and we’re very proud of that. And TRP has definitely been something that’s helped us on the journey to get there.”


Reduce Your Attrition with the Help of TRP

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