How Has CoursePro Improved the Operations at World of Swimming?

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Chris Rees, Development Director at World Of Swimming, talks about operations, communication and software solutions for growth

What services does World of Swimming provide?

We provide small classes for swimming lessons for children and adults across the UK and currently we are hosting 2,000 swimmers every week through World of Swimming

What was your course management like before you introduced CoursePro?

Before CoursePro, we had a very manual process in place, running off mainly spreadsheets which involved lots of administrative work for the team. Now, we have half the resources working on schools ten times the size – which has enabled us to use our valuable skill sets in other areas of the business.

What benefits have you seen in your business since using CoursePro?

The interface is a great way for our teachers, parents and office team to interact and boost communication within the business, and with an added bonus of enabling direct debits, it has transformed the way we do business!

How has CoursePro enhanced your team’s performance and time?

Through ‘contact triggers’- new updates such as automatic waiting lists are a brilliant way to ensure the smooth operation of our business. It allows the team to focus on offering higher levels of support to our customers and provide a greater experience overall.

If you have explored other course management systems, what stood out about CoursePro that made it your provider of choice?

We’ve looked at a lot of course management systems over the years, but we know that CoursePro continues to improve its systems and offerings with regular updates – and this progression is really important to us as it demonstrates the qualities of true partnership. In addition, the CoursePro support team is super helpful and always on hand when the team needs help.

Why would you recommend other businesses to consider using CoursePro?

would highly recommend Coursepro to other swim schools and activity providers because it allows your business to grow, become more efficient and provide customers with a higher level of service

I would highly recommend CoursePro to other swim schools & activity providers

Chris Rees Development Director, World of Swimming