CoursePro hits 1 million active members 

1m active

CoursePro powered by Fitronics has announced 1 million active members across various sports including swimming, gymnastics, tennis and golf. This historic milestone represents a diverse range of individuals, spanning from ages 1 to 80, actively engaged in various sports programmes.

This milestone comes at a crucial time as the UK government has set ambitious targets for increasing youth participation in sports. With the government aiming to achieve one million more active children by 2030 compared to 2021-22, collaborative efforts across the sector are deemed essential for success.

CoursePro benefits operators by saving hours on admin and paperwork through its digital platform, keeping track of learner skills and activities and offering an end-to-end system allowing for bookings and payments 24/7. 

As well as housing a database of all learners so that coaches can schedule lessons, mark assessments and provide visibility to parents of their child’s progress, CoursePro also seamlessly integrates with Leisure Management Systems (LMS) to enhance efficiency and data management. 

With customers across the UK, Dubai and South Africa ranging from leisure trusts, councils, private independent clubs, gyms, hotels and  education providers such as universities – CoursePro enables numerous digital touch points for members through its home portal function and various contact trigger communications. 

Of the 1 million active members, 73% are managed through CoursePro’s HomePortal (traditionally managed in centres) which shows how the industry has transitioned to online management systems over recent years. 

“CoursePro has truly transformed our organisation over the past four years. It’s been an invaluable asset, saving us countless hours of administrative work and providing an incredibly user-friendly platform. Our learners have benefited immensely, experiencing enhanced live performance and enjoying the great level of detail CoursePro offers. Personally, I don’t have a single favourite feature because the entire platform is exceptionally easy to use. Without hesitation, I would recommend CoursePro to any leisure business looking to streamline their operations and elevate their learning experience. It’s a resounding YES from us.” Mark Thorne, Club Director – Acro-Gymnastics

Looking ahead, CoursePro plans to develop the software further with the following updates;

Automated waiting lists – saving on admin and optimising class attendance and revenue by allowing customers to join a class waiting list virtually,  whilst offering the next available space to those at the front of the queue. 

Comms Portal – elevating communications with integrated email and SMS capabilities seamlessly through CoursePro, ensuring customers stay informed about class updates, cancellations and more! 

“CoursePro has revolutionised the swim management process for our leadership teams by making the process as seamless and efficient as possible. CoursePro has been a great support tool for managing our programmes, overall performance analysis and has also enabled remote management of programmes across both our Swimming and Tennis provisions” – Donna Collins, Head of Family Experience, Virgin Active.

CoursePro’s sole focus is on improving the delivery of sports courses globally and is trusted by Virgin Active, GLL, Parkwood Leisure, Serco, Abbeydale Tennis Club, Basingstoke Gymnastics, Derby City Council, University of Bristol and more. 

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