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Third Space Managing Director, John Penny; TM Active Chief Executive, Martin Guyton and Active Nation Managing Director, Stuart Martin share why the Executive Summary Email sent to them by our ‘Insight’ software is their most important email of the week.


Managing a health and fitness club isn’t easy. You have a million and one things that need doing right now and you’ve probably got shin splints from running around spinning all those plates! There is a real danger that you are so busy doing everything, that you don’t get anything done. 

The demands on your time are never going to change, so you need to adapt how you deal with them and master the art of effective prioritisation – expertly sorting the wheat from the chaff to ensure your teams are focused on getting the tasks with the greatest impact on member experience, loyalty and, ultimately, your bottom line done first. 

You’re not alone. Whether you are a personal trainer, gym owner, leisure centre manager, managing director of a national chain or anyone else for that matter, consistently making effective decisions is tough. 

At SIBEC Europe in November 2017, we caught up with some of our customers who have got this nailed, they were cool as cucumbers – and here is why… 

Third Space Managing Director, John Penny; TM Active Chief Executive, Martin Guyton and Active Nation Managing Director, Stuart Martin share why our Insight Executive Summary Email (sent to them every Monday morning by the system) is the most important email of their week. 


John Penny – Managing Director, Third Space

 John Penny – Managing Director, Third Space





“The executive summary email sent by Insight every Monday morning is without a doubt my most important email of the week. It shows me how our Net Promoter Score® is trending, the effectiveness of my teams’ follow-ups on feedback received in the last week, and our performance and ‘quick wins’ on a site-by-site basis. My teams will tell you that my standards are incredibly high, and the intelligence delivered to us by Insight plays a key role in enabling us to keep things this way. It’s also great for highlighting new opportunities to develop our offering further too – I am always looking for ways to improve, and input from customers is a really valuable source of inspiration.” 


About John

John Penny is the Managing Director of Third Space – a high-end, premium group of health and fitness clubs in central London. A Sports Science graduate who went on to study an MBA in Organizational Leadership, John describes himself as a leisure, spa, hospitality and fitness enthusiast with a passion for business development. Clearly seen within his excellent clubs, John believes in continuous improvement, and has meticulous high standards for quality and attention to detail. 


Martin Guyton – Chief Executive, TM Active 

Martin Guyton – Chief Executive, TM Active






“This is a bit sad, but on a Monday morning before I have even got out of bed I am looking at our Insight Executive Summary Email. I need to know how my teams have done over the past 7 days so that I can set out my plan for the next 7. It really is vital for me in my role overseeing the trust and ensuring we stay competitive by delivering exceptional experiences for our customers. Insight has gifted us the ability to make important decisions much more quickly and easily than ever before.” 


About Martin

Martin Guyton is the Chief Executive of Kent-based leisure trust TM Active – where he has been for over 35 years. Outside of his role at TM Active, Martin is also a Quest Assessor. 


Stuart Martin – Managing Director, Active Nation

Stuart Martin – Managing Director, Active Nation






“Being responsible for the running of multiple sites in locations across the country, from Southampton to Lincoln, it really is a challenge to stay on top of the everyday comings and goings of each of our facilities at a granular level. Insight, and its Executive Summary Email, has had a huge impact on my ability to effectively manage my regional teams and quickly make confident decisions based on data I trust. Whilst my centre managers live and breathe the system every day, I get the headline information I need delivered straight to my inbox in a concise weekly summary. This means I can concentrate on finding new opportunities for the business and keeping it moving forward in line with our corporate strategy, safe in the knowledge that my managers have everything under control.” 


About Stuart

Stuart Martin is the Managing Director of Active Nation – a charity with 16 venues across Southampton, Chorley, South Derbyshire, Runcorn and Lincoln. Stuart’s career in the fitness industry started in 1992 when he was a personal trainer at The Haven Hotel and Health Spa in Poole. He has since worked in a range of regional and group management roles for operators including Everyone Active (SLM) before joining Active Nation and becoming their Managing Director in 2015.


Insight is an actionable member feedback software system, built around the Net Promoter Score philosophy. It uses just one simple question ‘How Likely Are You to Recommend Your Club to Someone You Know?’ to gauge member loyalty and provide you with powerful feedback which enables you to make much more effective business decisions. The executive summary email is just one of the great features of an ever-developing system which has been designed specifically for use within health and fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms. 


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